Detroit Paddy Slag

This is the band all of your friends have been talking about. Stone Clover brings the party to life with their infectious, high-octane originals and energetic stage show. Don't plan on sitting down once they've hit the stage! 

Swift guitar swirls with dancing violin, on top of mandolin or accordion, while the bass and drums drive a rhythm straight to your core! The next thing you know your ears are infected by the Paddy Slag, and you can't stop bouncing along. So don’t fight it any longer. Download the music, grab some swag from the merch store, and find the next show date in your area. Bring your friends and join the party that is Stone Clover!

Coming Soon! 

Death To The Life Of Riley

Stone Clover is proud to announce that we will be producing, with the talents of Tuxedo Avenue Studios, a new 20+ song concept album titled "Death To The Life Of Riley". This is, by far, the largest undertaking in the band's 10+ year history. This project can best be summarized as a story driven concept album encompassing all of the musical styles we have blended into our trademark genre, now dubbed "Paddy Slag". 

For many reasons, production costs being the most prevalent, the album will be divided into four separate EPs, to be released in succession and building up to a complete cohesive story. To add an even greater level of intrigue, the song order telling the story will not be revealed until all the EPs have been released, allowing the listener to speculate on the final narrative. Upon completion, the full album revealing the linear story arc will contain additional previously unreleased tracks. We also intend to create a series of related music videos moving the concept of the story along. A graphic novel and a screenplay are also in the works.


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